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Press release
(April 25, 2006)
New version of DevPlanner, time-management and planning software, brings the way of rapid task entry for saving time on planning and better concentration.
(March 31, 2006)
New release of DevPlanner, personal planning and estimating tool, provides a way to filter tasks by deadline. This allows quickly review all upcoming tasks for today, current week and next seven days, as well as all overdue tasks what require immediate attention.
(December 05, 2005)
New major update of DevPlanner, personal planning and productivity tool, includes possibility to measure emotional state using mood colors map.
(November 26, 2005)
Talented IT project manager Sergey Chuyeshov found a simple way of reducing his daily management work by applying personal planning in a team.
(October 18, 2005)
Personal planning and DevPlanner can reduce a risk of work underestimating and future penalties for missed deadlines.
(September 28, 2005)
Recent survey of advanced system administrators about common daily tasks helps identify time reserves and its manageability. Survey results were incorporated into the DevPlanner new plan template for Windows Script Developer.
(September 06, 2005)
DevPlanner, personal planning and estimating tool, released with a new report "Daily Time Plans" what helps coordinating plans inside a team and increasing whole team performance and managing ability.
(August 25, 2005)
Fedorenko introduces new version of DevPlanner with deadlines calendar what allows controlling milestone commitments early and easily every day.
(August 17, 2005)
Recently registered DevPlanner user earns additional 50$ to her usual monthly income from professional web development services. She said what the only DevPlanner helps achieving this.
(May 23, 2005)
DevPlanner received 5 cows, the highest Tucows rating. In addition to increased popularity of the software it gets on the first place of the top rated in productivity column, before Microsoft Live Meeting, Salon Iris and Quick Notes Plus.
(October 29, 2004)
DevPlanner 2.0, personal planning and productivity tool, built on top of Extreme programming methodology, has been released. This release supports daily recurring tasks, floating and fixed schedules, simultaneous tasks and more to help being productive.
(June 23, 2004)
Recent survey of office employees by Alexander Fedorenko, independent analyst and business consultant, shown what people whose day begins with planning can additionally benefit using drag-and-drop.
(February 04, 2004)
DevPlanner simplifies procedure of preparing time reports by introducing a little improvement to usual work.
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