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Become our affiliate!
And get monthly payments for your sales of DevPlanner!
If you want to promote DevPlanner Software for fun and profit, sign up here. You can just tell all your friends, or call businesses in your area, or send post cards, or place ads in appropriate publications, or participate in newsgroups, and mention the software to anyone you think might be interested in this easy-to-use program.
We believe there are huge numbers of professionals and other self-employed small business people who would benefit greatly from using our software but who have never heard of it. Many of these people probably don't even realize there are productivity software solutions for things they have been doing by hand for many years.
If you are interested in placing links on your web site, placing ads in newsletters, or writing articles that might attract people interested in DevPlanner, just sign up here to get started.
You will be paid up to 30% commission for all sales of the software that you are responsible for. The starting commission rate will be 30% and will be increased according to your sales volume. You will have a special identification so that we can keep precise track of whose efforts produced what results. Payments are made automatically and full statistics are always available.
To participate in our affiliate program please register here.
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