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Micro-deadlines can preserve milestones.
Micro-deadlines can preserve milestones
Personal planning and DevPlanner can reduce a risk of work underestimating and future penalties for missed deadlines.
Innovative approach implemented in DevPlanner allows controlling long term milestones every day. The approach was tested for at least two years by hundreds of developers around the world. To keep estimates correct whey always leading by real time feedback of their work and project progress. To keep this feedback correct DevPlanner requires every day work time planning. For most participants this was not a problem, because they are already managing a day to utilize time carefully.
To achieve desired results people working fast and concentrating only on current tasks. If they see what planned micro-deadlines are other schedules, they are working hard to overtake a time. If it seems what tasks completed more quickly then expecting they can relax and spent time for dipper planning of remaining work and studying. This time investment usually comes back with huge dividends on final stages of a project.
Experience shows very interesting results: first tasks almost always completed a little quickly then scheduled. For most projects this is a good sign and the first week is a most productive and impressing time. This effect can be also used to speedup project work.
The method is simple and in fact looks like a two rows elongated calendar. The first row desired for scheduled micro-deadlines, one of DevPlanner user called it "self-imposed" deadline. The second row represented tasks drawn as rectangles near dates they actually completed.
It can be used in both electronic and paper versions. In DevPlanner it is called Deadlines calendar and populated automatically using daily planning data. In addition it allows deadline of task correction visually, by dragging rectangle to a desired date.
DevPlanner is a shareware program and available for 30 days free at http://www.devplanner.com or http://www.devplanner.org.
Educational institutions can get a free permanent DevPlanner license to include it in their training programs after online registration at http://www.devplanner.com/order.html.
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