What's New in DevPlanner V2.0

Here is a list of new features and changes in DevPlanner. Read through this document for brief summaries of what's new.

Customizable import and export.
Evolution of time management and planning tools is really exciting. There are tools for tracking active applications time, planning resources and budgets, daily work accelerators like DevPlanner. In real life there is no single solution for all possible situations and needs. No matter what application people use, only user data matter.

Recurring tasks.
Usually we have a lot of recurring daily tasks, for example reading email, daily meetings or dinner. Now insertion of all recurring tasks for a day is a one-click procedure. To mark or unmark specific schedule as recurring, just check or uncheck "Recurring" option in the scheduling task dialog. DevPlanner will automatically watch for a time changes of recurring task and will use the latest start and finish for a next day. This simple rule improves accuracy of daily planning.

Fixed plan entry.
Usually DevPlanner moves one intersecting schedule after another to build sequential daily plan. Now with "Fixed" option set in plan entry it is possible to keep specified time unchanged while inserting task to occupied by another task time.

Possibility to allow simultaneous tasks.
With the option "Allow simultaneous tasks" You can plan and work on two or more tasks at once.

Deadline for category.
Provided possibility to set deadline for a category. This deadline will be shown on deadlines calendar as a red triangle and will help being in time for a long-term activities.

Yellow tips on deadlines calendar.
To highlight full date of specific day or a task name just point mouse other a task rectangle or a day headline.

DevPlanner is a simple and robust tool for personal planning. Extra attention was made to save user data in extreme situations, for example unexpected power off or system crash.

Multiply selection support.
Group of tasks can be moved, copied or deleted. Even some sort of editing available for a group of tasks: possibility to set priority and deadline. It is also possible to drag a group of tasks to a daily plan for specific start time and maximal duration.

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