Handling recurring tasks

Usually we have a lot of recurring daily tasks, for example reading email, daily meetings or dinner. Now insertion of all recurring tasks for a day is a one-click procedure.

To mark or unmark specific schedule as recurring just check or uncheck "Recurring" option in the scheduling task dialog. You can also check "Fixed time" option if you know what this task will occur in specific time, regarding any other tasks.

DevPlanner will automatically watch for a time changes of recurring task and will use the latest start and finish time for a next day. This simple rule improves accuracy of daily planning.

To remove task schedule from the recurrence list simply uncheck Recurring box in the schedule editing dialog. Deletion of schedule will automatically remove it from recurrence list.

Recurring task can be completed without removing from the recurrence list. To handle this DevPlanner creates category with the same name, places completed recurring task there (like Split does), and copies that task to delegate recurrence.

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