Customizing export

DevPlanner supports exporting to external file. Like for importing, exporting performed in three steps: exporting selected category to XML file according to DevPlanner format specification, transformation XML file to required representation, writing it to specified destination file. Transformation script incorporates last two steps.

Transformation script can be written in VBScript, JScript or any other Windows Script Host compatible language. Script file name consists of three parts: name of the export type, exporting file extension and script extension. For example: "Plain tasks list.txt.vbs".

Path to to intermediate XML file and exporting file transmitted as command line arguments: C:\Exports\Plain tasks list.txt.vbs "C:\Temp\Intermediate.xml" "C:\Project\My Tasks.txt"

To get destination and intermediate file names for transformation use the following script:

Option Explicit

Dim gstrXmlSourcePath, gstrDestinationPath
Dim objArgs
Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments
If objArgs.Count = 2 Then 
	gstrXmlSourcePath = objArgs(0)
	gstrDestinationPath = objArgs(1)
End If

Custom transformation script can be incorporated to DevPlanner via Customizing exports dialog. Choose "Customize exports" from the Templates submenu of menu Tools.

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