Completing complex tasks, stages and projects

In DevPlanner complex tasks, stages and projects can be represented as different levels of categories. As any task, they can be closed or completed. To mark category as completed set checkbox completed in the properties of this item. Or click "Complete" from the context menu of the category. Category can not be marked as completed while it contains an uncompleted task.

DevPlanner also provides an implicit mechanism of marking category as completed. After switching a last task in the category to completed, you will be prompted for marking the whole category as completed.

Pressing Yes will automatically set category of the completed task to completed state.

This rule affects permanent parent of a completed task.

If category marked as completed, some filtering options can hide it. Thus then filter set to Future tasks or New or In progress, such categories will not be shown in the hierarchy.

Some circumstances can require continuing of a closed project. DevPlanner provides possibility to remove completion state of a category. In the properties of the category uncheck completed option or simply add new task. Changing state of an existing task will alter completion state of parent categories branch.

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